My work explores the essential elements of process and materiality through an intuitive and intimate layering of graphite; testing the conventions of drawing by breaking down the surface and transforming these materials into a physical, textural and structural form.  My paper works are situated not as a medium of preparation or provision, but as a final form displayed on wooden stretcher bars; further expanding upon the notion of drawing as painting and painting as sculpture. The act of folding the paper strengthens its structure while weakening the surface, allowing for necessary manipulation of the material in order to maintain stability; an equilibrium of loss and gain within the transformation. These dualities of strength and fragility are encapsulated within a process that, like the work itself, strikes a balance between the internal and external.

As with the paper, my intention with using thread is to push beyond the limits inherent in the material’s natural state.  As these materials transition, they begin to masquerade as something else… something new.  I thrive to push my chosen mediums beyond their preconceived capabilities, so congruently, I am constantly searching for something new within my practice. Although drawing is investigated through traditional materials, these works conceptually maximize the use of graphite by showing the physical properties of my actions left on the paper with gestural marks of my hand forcefully moving across the surface. These sculptural forms present a manipulation of materials and transform these materials into objects.

Lauren Seiden lives and works in New York, NY

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